Comm 100

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Class Summaries

September 26 – Brother Thompson – Icomm and Scroll

Experience, experience, experience! That pretty much sums up his experience with us in Comm 100, oh and DEADLINES! I have the good fortune of having Brother Thompson as my mentor and being a member of Soapbox Agency. I enjoyed how he let the students and programs speak for themselves. He is the backbone behind the operations providing us Communication Students with the best equipment the industry has to offer. His enthusiasm for learning and teaching is evident as he is still trying to clone himself so he can be in two places at once.

October 3 – Brother Williams – Journalism in all of its forms

He had information and quotations to back up everything he said, which for me made what he said very credible. I’m very glad he presented us the second power point, which showed us the principles and basis for which journalism is operated. he showed us how before the internet, classifieds were the only way to advertise.  He mentioned how the skill of journalism remains even though it is dying. If you know how to write in an ideological way or a hyperlocal or in a partisan model you will always have job.

October 10 – Visual Communication

I am seriously considering this as my cluster. I really enjoyed how detailed she was in all she did. There were tons of pictures that were very visual. The one thing that I learned from this class was about Klout scores. It helps that I have a lot of interest in these types of classes. She was very organized and I felt that allowed her to relay more information than other teachers. She explained what was required for each of those classes.

October 17 – Video Production – Brother Howard

The one thing that stood out to me was the experience that he’s had in the industry. He’s been able to in all aspects of video production. His examples were great. He explained the practicum classes that allow us to learn Avid and Premiere. I’m really excited to take the Avid class and become certified Avid editor. This is my emphasis so much of what he said was second nature to me and I’m glad I’ve found what I’m good at a younger age than others.

October 24 – PR

Here we learned about potential problems clients have and how PR works to make those problems disappear. PR is what makes your product stand out. Shows the benefits, comparison, testimonials and demonstrations. I liked the phrase he used, “first say it straight, then say it great.” when brainstorming he gave us some tips. Is it doable? Does it hit the target audience? Does it have legs? Is it original? Does it captivate the audience?  Just do it. Write, don’t talk. When on a roll, don’t stop. Show it, don’t tell it. Don’t be different just to be different. Simple. Keep a maybe file. Gut check. Honest evaluation.

October 31 – Jeff Hochstrasser – Advertising

His approach that we are all creative. His motto; do something different each day. The questions are; is it informative and is entertaining. Using a prominent person set a problem and showing a demonstration of how and why it’s important or needed. Paid, persuasive, product communicated by various media by sponsors. It makes you gasp, wish you had thought of it, and will it last for another three centuries. Goods, services, and ideas. 59 percent of advertising is in television.

Account Executives, liaison between agency and client. Research and Account Planning – target audiences, take consumer audiences POV. Creative Concepts – Copywriters, art directors, creative director. Media Planning and Buying. Social Media. Traffic Management – in charge of all phases of production.

November 7 – Grad Plans

If there is one thing I like more than anything it’s knowing where I’m going in life. I’m glad this class made us sit down and plan out our college classes so that we know exactly what we have to do. I’m glad he had the papers to explain how to go about doing it. It’s to bad that the audit on the grad planner doesn’t work. After he explained the audit a lot more of it made sense and I was able to go home and finish my grad plan. Now I Just need to add Business as a minor and Visual Media as a cluster.

November 14 – Internships

I’ve been able to go to workshops and other activities to help me find internships. I’ve been looking at two that I want to do. The collections of jobs and internships that get sent out in the weekly email are very helpful. I’m hoping someday to do an internship with Adobe. I would love to work with their evangelists that teach the Adobe software. The information on LinkedIn I found helpful to find a mentor and places to work.

November 21 – Ethics and plagiarism
– Anne’s law and title 17 (copy right laws)
– you cannot copy right facts, ideas, names
– use copy righted material in the classroom
– automatic copy right protection
– reproduce, distribute, public performance and display
– derivative works
– moral rights (lifespan+70 years )
– Fair use (limited use with out permission)


  • even with excellent credentials getting them to notice you is half the battle
  • use a QR code to link to work you have done like a demo reel
  • it could send them to your blog or about me page.
  • QR code on your business card. (design a business card)
  • consider having an about me page.

  • liked the spanish news reports.
  • upper valley idaho looks great
  • even at byui sports is still a big thing and is reported in the news.
  • looks like fun

  • i’ve downloaded the app and compared to CNNs app its much more informative.
  • I really liked their media center, with all the pictures and video
  • they are the head gurus and provide the style guide for journalism.
  • they are a main source for news.

Visual media websites

  • The photography on these websites look excellent.
  • The lighting is very professional.
  • Very Creative and unique ideas that I want to impliment
  • I also potential in some ideas that were just poorly executed
  • made me want to join photographics
  • and I really want to go to photoshopworld!!

  • Excellent website showing you what EVERY employer would want to see in an employee
  • I like the section on salary negotiation and how it shouldn’t be done until you are definitely the one for the job
  • section on follow up was excellent on cover and thankyou letters
  • it also gives advice on what you should be asking your potential employer

  • i’m not to excite to fork out a bunch of money just to join a society
  • $25000 in scholarships would sure be nice though
  • it seems very organized and I like that they give an annual report

  • This is probably more my cup of tea.
  • i’ve heard good things about the competitions that happen each year and would love to be involved in them
  • it seems like this would be a great place to get hands on experience
  • definitely a resume builder




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