Project 7: Web Page



  • Description:

This is my first attempt at making a webpage from scratch using HTML and CSS .

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

Text wrangler, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and basic HTML and CSS.

  • Message:

This is a webpage for that allows those following my blog to understand the purpose of my blog and the reasoning behind the name. While there are baseballs in almost everything I do, that is the theme of my blog. The name of the webpage is the “Learning Curve”. In baseball there are curve balls. Life sometimes gives us curveballs. These moments are ‘learning curves’ in our lives.

  • Audience:

Those interested in Photography, videography and of course baseball who want to learn tricks of the trade

  • Top Thing Learned:

I liked adding the drop shadow and repeating background. Knowing this code enables me to bring creativity back into coding.

  • Color scheme and color hex:

Triadic #09466B, #FFFFFF, #9e1d20

  • Title Font Families & Category:

Trajan Pro 3, Serif

  • Copy Font Families & Category:

Futura, San Serif

  • Changes made to the CSS

drop shadow and background image were the two major changes I made



3 thoughts on “Project 7: Web Page

  1. Justin, I think this is awesome! I love the logo and how it relates to the Curveball and is in a “baseball type” font. I think this is great color choice as well (Nationals fan?). You did a great job with the repeating baseballs. I think your body is also fantastic with the learning how to hit the curveballs in life. Great job!

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