Project 5: Logos



  • Description:

These are some logo designs I made for myself as a freelance videographer and editor.

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I had some sketches and ideas for what I wanted as a logo. The hardest part was settling on a name or image for people to identify with me and my skill set. Using Illustrator I used the image trace tool from a picture of me holding a camera. I bumped up the contrast in Photoshop to give it the silhouette look. Then it was deciding on a font which was difficult.

  • Message:

These are simple logos for the audience to identify with my work.

  • Audience:

My target audience are those who need video as a medium of communication for them and their message.

  • Top Thing Learned:

Object > Path > Outline Stroke was shown to our class by Brother Kerr. this tool allowed me to create the incomplete circle in my middle logo. I also knew of  the Width Tool (Shift + W) to adjust the width of paths, but this was my first time have a purpose to use it.

  • Three Color Scheme and Color Names:

Top: Complimentary (Gold, Indigo)

Middle: Monochromatic (Blue)

Bottom: Monochromatic (Gold)

  • Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:

Colonna MT (Decorative)

Braggadocio (Decorative/Hybrid)

Braggadocio (Decorative/Hybrid)

  • Votes on favorite logo:

Top Logo = 4 ; Middle Logo = 4; Bottom Logo = 6;

  • My favorite logo is the Middle one.





One thought on “Project 5: Logos

  1. Hey Justin. Thanks for the kind words and critique.So I like the middle and bottom logos a lot. The first one is kind of meh. You’re a videographer so I picture class and creativity and innovation. The first one doesn’t really translate that for me. On the middle one, I think changing the super bright aqua color to something different…not so loud and neon, ya know?? I really like the background teal color and how deep of a shade it is. I think choosing different colors for the front circle and the letters could make the design even better than what is now. Love the guy with the camera though..turned out really great. The last one is sweet. Simple. Clean. Great work though friend. They came out really good. 🙂

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