Project 3: Photodesign



design” blog post.

  • Description:

I was thirsty today, so I went to my fridge opened it up looking for something refreshing. I pull out a Dr. Pepper walk back to my room and before I open it up I think to myself this is great moment, I should take a picture of it for my Visual Media class. We had to incorporate a color scheme based on the pictures we took and create a full-bleed 8.5 x 11 photodesign.

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I grab my chair and drag it out to the hallway where there’s no light except a sliver of light falling on the Dr. Pepper can coming from my bedroom. I grab my Canon 60D with my 50mm 1.8 lens and set it on my tripod. I extended the tripod legs to get eye-level with the Dr. Pepper. Then I grab my little LED flash light that kicks out some extreme light. I crank my aperture down to f9 to get the whole can in focus but also to get some of the star effect you get when your aperture is at f22. I set my shutter at 5 seconds and set the timer on my 60D to give me time to go down the hallway and click my flashlight on for a couple of second. I then brought it into photoshop and pulled back some of the rich brick red and gold colors of the can.

  • Message:

Buy a Dr. Pepper.

  • Audience:

My target audience is those who enjoy a nice refreshing Dr. Pepper and for those who haven’t tried it.

  • Top Thing Learned:

I incorporated more than a few adjustment layers allowing me to adjust only the brick reds and gold colors of the can.

  • Color scheme and color names:

Split Complimentary. Brick, Gold, Blue.

  • Title Font Name & Category:

Humanist 521 B, Sans Serif

  • Copy Font Name & Category:

Adobe Devangari, Oldstyle

  • Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


  • Date and location you took the photo

5/19/14, My Apartment Hallway


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