P3 Activity: Photography


Light – Outside


Light – Inside








Composition – Rule of Thirds


Lead Room


This was the most fun I’ve had up to this point in the semester. I’ve always enjoyed photography and I was blown away by the sunset that I was able to capture in a time lapse (if you care to watch 20 minutes in 10 seconds have take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FidivFJRtwE). It took a while for me to find a good location overlooking the Rexburg area but in the end it didn’t matter because to get the vibrant colors of the sky Rexburg was forced into darkness. 
Another photo favorite of mine was the Dr. Pepper. This was made in my hallway where it was dark. I was thirsty so I grabbed a Dr. Pepper out my fridge and thought, I should take a picture of this. I then grabbed a chair from my room. Sat the Dr Pepper on it, my camera on my tripod and my little flashlight. I set my setting to 2 seconds, open my aperture up to get that shallow depth of field, put my camera on a timer, hit the trigger ran behind my camera turned on my flashlight and pointed it back at my Dr. Pepper.



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